Individual and Private Coaching

Coaching Megaphone

There’s nothing like the gains that can be made with the individualized, focused attention of a dedicated coach.

I offer private coaching for both erg and on-the-water training, for junior, masters, collegiate and elite rowers. I also offer Skype/Facetime sessions and video analysis, as well as training plan design and comprehensive fitness/strength/recovery/nutrition analysis. I primarily work with athletes remotely, as I am based in Germany.

I’ll work with you to establish goals and a timeline to accomplish them, and help you put together a cohesive plan to do just that. Together, we’ll build the technical skills and physiological tools to help you achieve your aims – whether that’s a 2K PR, moving from making the final to the medals podium, building back after an injury, making the boat you want to make – or simply rowing better!

Please use the Contact page to reach out to me with your coaching needs – and we’ll make it happen!